Dorian Winterfeld
36 J Ridge Road
Greenbelt, Maryland
(240) 351-5671
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University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland
Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science

University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland
Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering

Additional training:
Montgomery College Information Technology Institute
December, 2004

Advanced Java Programming Tools and Techniques
Learning Tree International, Washington DC
March, 1997

Silicon Graphics Systems Administration and Silicon Graphic Network Administration
Silicon Graphics Computer Systems, Silver Spring, Maryland
November, 1995

Computer Languages: Perl, VB.Net, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Java

Takoma Park, Maryland
January, 1999 to Present
General Web and database programming primarily in Perl, SQL and VB.Net on Windows and Unix platforms. Databases include MS-SQLserver and Oracle. Also developed in PHP, JavaScript and XML. Custom web applications for National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Maryland State Department of Education.

Greenbelt, Maryland
September, 1998 to December, 1998
Web development in Perl/CGI for the Goddard Space Flight Center Manpower Assessment System web site. UNIX platform with and Perl DBI.

Raytheon STX Corporation
Greenbelt, Maryland
August, 1997 to September, 1998
Senior programmer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Distributed Active Archive Center. Web development in Perl/CGI, JavaScript, and Java, maintaining the Visual Search on-line ordering system and the TRMM data ordering system<.

RMS Technologies
NASA HQ, Washington DC
October, 1995 to July, 1997
Unix System Administrator at NASA Headquarters Mission to Planet Earth Project Office maintaining the EOSDIS Advanced Technology Testbed; a Silicon Graphics network. Duties include upgrading the network hardware and software, setting up and maintaining the MTPE FTP and Web server, as well as standard SysAdmin responsibilities; user support, daily back-ups, etc. Web development duties included creating the Sustainable Development Indicators web site.

Department of Astronomy
University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland
May, 1994 to June, 1997
Contractor for the Small Bodies Node of the Planetary Data System. Designed and implemented two C based utilities for converting astronomy data formats; FITS2PDS and PDS2FITS.

Medical Informatics Lab, Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland
March, 1993 to December, 1993
Database Applications Programmer supporting two Oracle based databases for the University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore. Applications written in PL/SQL and ProC

NSI Technology Services Corporation, Goddard Space Flight Center, Code 750.5, Greenbelt, Maryland
February, 1990 to December, 1990
Electronic Engineer; Prepared specifications for Local Area Network and intercom system.

EER Systems
10289 Aerospace Road, Seabrook, Maryland
January, 1989 to December, 1989
Electronic Engineer in support of the Data Processing Devices section of the Goddard Space Flight Center. Designed Intel 80C86 based processor board for the Small Explorer satellite Data System.