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2nd Annual Greenbelt Pooch Plunge, September 2004
Aquatic & Fitness Center
Photographs and notes © 2004 by Linda Siadys 301-345-6510

This event was open to up to 50 dogs and raised money for the Davidsonville Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Children's Pet Show Prize Winners, September 2001
Community Center
Photographs and notes © 2001 by Beverly Smith

Thanks to all the participants in the 2001 Annual Labor Day Pet Show!!! We hope you enjoyed it. The winners for this year's event are: Julie and Andrew with their puppy, Raleigh; Kristtina and her kitty, Adalmina; and Peri with her guinea pig, Rainbow.

A special thanks also to Corporate PetsMart for their donation! Sponsored by Greenbelt Girl Scout Cadettes, Troop 127.

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Mother and Child Statue, April 1997
Roosevelt Center
Photograph and notes © 1997 by Matt Elliott

... here are two photographs taken in Roosevelt Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, USA. Both photographs show the "Mother and Child" statue.

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