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Monday, June 19, 2006  


July 4th Information

The Greenbelt Police Department wishes everyone a happy and safe 4th of July. In order to enhance the safety of your holiday, the following information is being provided for those who plan to attend the celebration at Buddy Attick Park (Greenbelt Lake). Please keep in mind that the following guidelines have been established so that you, as well as others, can have a safe and enjoyable holiday experience:
  • A tent occupied by Police Department employees will be located in the grassy area alongside of the main parking lot in order to provide first aid and to help with lost and missing children.

  • Please do not bring alcoholic beverages to the park. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in this and all City-owned parks, and violators will be subject to arrest. Also remember that all pets must be on a leash.

  • Not only are fireworks deadly and dangerous, but the Greenbelt Police Department would like to remind citizens that ALL forms of fireworks, including firecrackers, snakes, sparklers and bottle rockets are prohibited by law in the City of Greenbelt, as well in all of Prince George's County. Those found to be in possession of fireworks and/or sparklers will be subject to arrest. Penalties include receiving a fine up to $1,000 and/or six months in jail.

  • For safety and security reasons, people carrying coolers and packages into the park should expect to be asked to have the contents of those packages inspected.

  • The parking lot is reserved primarily for handicapped and elderly individuals. Vehicles must have handicapped or elderly individuals onboard in order to use this lot. Handicapped tags and/or placards will not necessarily be required, nor will they guarantee a parking space.

  • Temporary No Parking signs will be posted on the streets surrounding the park. Please do not park in these areas or your vehicle will be towed.

  • If you plan to park in the median on Kenilworth Avenue to watch the fireworks, make sure your car is completely off of the roadway. If your vehicle is protruding onto the roadway or shoulder, you will be required to move it. The roadway must remain clear for the passage of emergency vehicles.

  • The fireworks will begin at dusk (~9:00pm) and last 20-30 minutes. At the conclusion, traffic will be redirected outbound on Crescent Road toward Kenilworth Avenue. Inbound traffic entering Old Greenbelt from Kenilworth Avenue will not be allowed onto Crescent Road until the bulk of the cars have left the area.

  • Motorists exiting the beltway will not be allowed to proceed north on Kenilworth Avenue. I-95 traffic will be directed onto southbound Kenilworth Avenue. Motorists who need to go to the Old Greenbelt area can then turn left onto Greenbelt Road and make another left onto either Lakecrest Drive or Southway.

  • If the fireworks begin on time and no problems are encountered at the conclusion, these temporary changes in traffic patterns should not last any longer than 20-30 minutes, from ~9:45-10:15pm.

  • Finally, the most commonly asked question of citizens who call the police dispatcher on the 4th of July is, "What time are the fireworks?" Please remember that the police telephone lines must be kept open for those with emergencies or other police related concerns. If you need additional information regarding this or any other recreational event, please feel free to call the Greenbelt Recreation Department Information Hotline at 301-474-5525.

The following links related to fireworks safety are being provided for your information:

Getting Around Greenbelt After the Fireworks

  • At the conclusion of the fireworks display, vehicular traffic will not be able to turn onto Crescent Road from Kenilworth Avenue, in order to clear all pedestrian traffic from the viewing area.

  • Traffic entering the City by way of the ramp from I-95 North (outer loop) onto Kenilworth Avenue will not be able to turn right onto Kenilworth Avenue, and must turn left onto southbound Kenilworth Avenue.

  • Traffic entering the City by way of the ramp from I-95 South (inner loop) onto Kenilworth Avenue will not be able to turn left onto Kenilworth Avenue, and must turn right onto southbound Kenilworth Avenue.

  • Motorists wishing to get into the Old Greenbelt area should proceed from southbound Kenilworth Avenue to Greenbelt Road, turn left (eastbound) onto Greenbelt Road, then turn left onto Southway.

  • These detours will begin at the conclusion of the fireworks and will be in effect for approximately 30-45 minutes.

- Posted by MPO George Mathews, Public Information Officer   240-542-2116



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