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    GIAC is a non-stock Maryland cooperative, organized and operated by community volunteers to help others learn about and access the Internet.

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    Each month GIAC and the Greenbelt Library co-sponsor a free class at the Library on the basics of computers and the Internet. GIAC distributes free Internet access software and our volunteers help Members configure their own computers and software for successful connection to the Internet.

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    GIAC is the registered owner of the Internet domain name GREENBELT.COM.

    GIAC volunteers maintain the Greenbelt Community Website as a free resource to the Greenbelt community and nearby areas. The website includes a Community Calendar of upcoming local events; a Community Directory of individuals, businesses, organizations and public agencies; and other features about major local events and topics of interest to the greater Greenbelt community.

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    For Members who need it, GIAC offers inexpensive Internet service, including 24-hour / 7-day unlimited access to the Internet and World Wide Web, electronic mail (Member mailboxes) and website hosting (Member websites). Additional Internet services for individuals and businesses are described on the GIAC Website. Membership in the Cooperative and subscription to GREENBELT.COM Internet services require no commitment period; membership fees and unused service fees are refundable as stipulated in the GIAC Bylaws. Membership in the Cooperative does not require subscription to GREENBELT.COM Internet services.

    Note that GIAC is not an Internet service provider (ISP). We do not own or house the computers and telephone lines that connect our subscribers to the Internet. Instead, GIAC negotiates and purchases the best possible rate and service package from an ISP, then resells individual Internet services to GIAC Members at substantial savings over competitive market rates.

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    Most GIAC activities depend on the time and effort of volunteer GIAC Members. There's a lot to do:  advertising, preparing forms, mailings, classes, coordinating volunteers, recruiting, software installations, trouble calls, technical problems, maintaining and expanding the website, accounting, taxes, legal issues, regular meetings, community outreach, etc., etc. As an organization, GIAC is unique. To our knowledge, there are no other Internet cooperatives on the planet that are operated by community volunteers.

    To find out more, attend a GIAC monthly meeting, announced in the Community Calendar.

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    To join GIAC, or just to register yourself as a Friend of GIAC in order to receive notification of GIAC activities, please submit the Online Registration form or contact the GIAC Membership Committee.

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