2nd Annual Class Planning Open House Tuesday, August 1, 2000 Greenbelt Community Center


- Word processing basics - creating a simple document, attaching files to e-mail. Separate classes for MS-Word, Corel WordPerfect and MS-Write. - SOHO graphics packages - planning a party and e-mail invitations - Customizing the Tool Bar - Relating file extensions to the software they came from and how to view them without the software - Housekeeping - maintaining the computer's functionality - Hardware - particularly the hard disk, DEFRAG - Software - backups, files, folders, shortcuts, icons - How to use and reason for using Windows Explorer and My Computer - NewDeal software for older machines - demonstration - FTP - software (CuteFTP, WS-FTP, DiskJockey Pro 2000) and sites - Maps on the Internet - Cookies and security

CONTRIBUTIONS E-MAILED (from Joyce Wineland and Bruce Kuhl):

- Ways to improve the speed of access to the Internet, from the time we click on the icon until actually viewing the page we want. - Ways to use all the capabilities of our PCs. What we need to make full use of the video and graphics capabilities. - Websites with free downloads of useful software and files. Our interests include gardening, greeting cards, sewing, travel, finance. - Searching - how to narrow a search, focus on the concept we have in mind. - Our PCs came loaded with a lot of software. Periodically, a message pops up saying there is a free upgrade available. How do we know which folder to load the upgrade into? - What is all this software the PC came loaded with? How do we use it? How do we get rid of it if we don't want it?

Mary Camp GIAC Vice President August 10, 2000