GIAC Bulletin
Wednesday, May 31, 2000
These pages may be updated as information
becomes available between now and June 6.

GIAC 4th Annual Meeting
Tuesday, June 6, 2000, 7:00pm
Greenbelt Community Center

Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative (GIAC), a.k.a. GREENBELT.COM, will conclude its fourth full year of operation at its Annual Meeting on Tuesday, June 6, at the Greenbelt Community Center. GIAC is a non-stock cooperative organized and operated by community volunteers to help others learn about and access the Internet.

The Annual Meeting comprises two separate meetings:

  • The Annual Membership Meeting, at 7:00pm, at which any proposed changes to GIAC Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws will be heard and decided by the Membership and vacancies on the Board of Directors will be filled by election.

  • The Annual Board Meeting, immediately after the Membership Meeting, at which Officers of the Cooperative for the upcoming year will be elected and other principal jobs, committees and activities will be assigned to GIAC volunteers.
Volunteers are needed to serve as Directors, Officers and committee members and to staff GIAC activities planned for the upcoming year. No special experience or skill is required for most volunteer roles and as little as one or two hours of volunteer service each month makes a big difference. Contact GIAC President Gilbert Lee at 301-345-8135 for more information or to volunteer for any role. Subscription to GREENBELT.COM Internet services is not required to join the Cooperative and participate in its activities.

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