GIAC Bulletin
Wednesday, May 31, 2000
These pages may be updated as information
becomes available between now and June 6.

GIAC Annual Membership Meeting
& Election of Directors

Tuesday, June 6, 2000, 7:00pm
Greenbelt Community Center

  • Refreshments served at 6:30pm (Social Committee).
  • Member registration and issuance of ballots (Secretary).
  • Call to order at 7:00pm (President).
  • Proof of due notice of meeting (Secretary).
  • Certification of presence of a quorum (Secretary).
  • Approval of agenda (Secretary).
  • Annual reports (Officers, principals and committees).
    • "State of GIAC" message (President).
    • Activities report (Vice President).
      • Classes.
      • Labor Day Festival Information Day & Parade.
      • Other activities.
    • Membership report (Secretary).
    • Financial report & 1998/1999 audit reports (Treasurer).
    • ISP report (System Administrator).
    • Website report (Webmaster).
  • Presentation of awards (President).
  • Old business (President).
    • Distribution of Member account journals (Treasurer).
    • Correction of payment coupons (Treasurer).
    • Status of interest-bearing accounts (Treasurer).
    • Status of tax-exempt application (Legal Committee).
  • New business (President).
    • Change(s) to the Articles of Incorporation.  details
      • Proposed revisions to support tax-exempt application (Legal Committee).
      • Motions entertained from the floor (if any).
    • Change(s) to the Bylaws.  details
      • Previously approved (Secretary).
      • Motions entertained from the floor (if any).
    • Appeal for volunteers to staff jobs and committees (President).  details
    • Appeal for volunteers to staff activities (Vice President).  details
  • Nomination and presentation of Director candidates (Nominations Committee).
    • Review of qualifications/duties (President).
    • Previously nominated (Secretary).  details
    • Nominations presented from the floor.
  • Election of Directors (Secretary, two Member volunteers).  details
  • Member concerns (time limit = 3 minutes each Member) (President).
  • Report of election results (Secretary).  details
  • Recess for Annual Board Meeting, immediately following.

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