GIAC Bulletin
Wednesday, May 31, 2000
These pages may be updated as information
becomes available between now and June 6.

GIAC Annual Membership Meeting
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Volunteers Needed

Standing Jobs

President:  duties
[Incumbent:  Gilbert Lee]

Vice President:  duties
[Incumbent:  Mary Camp]

Secretary:  duties
[vacant] (notetaking / composition experience needed; otherwise, will train)

Treasurer:  duties
[Incumbent:  Peggy Bates]

Social Director:  duties
[Incumbent:  Ellen Lee]

System Administrator:  duties
[Incumbent:  Neil McLeod]

Community Webmaster:  duties
[Incumbent:  Neil McLeod]

Delegate Webmasters:  duties
Gilbert & Ellen Lee, many volunteers needed (will train)

Standing Committees

Membership Committee:  duties
Required seats:   System Administrator (chair), Secretary, Treasurer
[Incumbents:  Neil McLeod (chair), Peggy Bates], Secretary [vacant]
Optional seats:   volunteers needed (no experience required)

Audit Committee:  duties
Required seats:   Vice President (chair)
[Incumbent:  Mary Camp (chair)], two or more volunteers needed (no experience required)

Temporary Committees

ISP Committee:  duties
Required seats:   System Administrator (chair)
[Incumbents:  Neil McLeod (chair), Dorian Winterfeld, Doug Love], two or more volunteers needed (technical experience)

Legal Committee:  duties
[Incumbents:  Doug Caprette (chair), Clement Lau, Gilbert Lee, Neil McLeod]

Volunteer Activities

Help Wanted:  activities
volunteers needed (no experience required)

Your Own Pet Project:
volunteers needed (???)

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