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Monday, May 17, 2005
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GIAC Annual Membership Meeting
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Ratification Changes

Since the previous Annual Meeting, the change(s) described below were approved by the Membership via electronic ballot. Per the Bylaws, these changes will be ratified (formalized) by Membership vote during the current Annual Meeting.

Ratification Change 1

Previous text:

Approved text:

Proposed Changes

The proposals described below will be put before the Membership for approval at the Annual Meeting.

Proposal n

Current text:

Proposed text:


Clarification & Correction Changes

The Board may also cause certain additional changes, not submitted to the membership for approval by vote, to be applied to the Bylaws in conjunction with the next publishing update. These changes fall into two categories: clarification changes (listed below), which repair ambiguous or contradictory language, and correction changes (not listed), which repair spelling, punctuation or other typographical errors.

Clarification Change n

Current text:  

Updated text:

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