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Sunday, May 31, 1998
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GIAC Annual Membership Meeting
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During the "Member Concerns" portion of the meeting, at least two volunteer members, who are not candidates, will (outside the meeting room) count and tally votes marked on the ballots. A spare ballot (labelled Ballot Summary) will be provided by the Secretary for the purpose of recording the tally for each proposal and candidate. A printed copy of any and all absentee ballots received via e-mail by the President prior to the deadline described elsewhere in this bulletin will also be provided to the volunteers to be included in the tally of votes.

Votes on the ballots will be counted and tallied as follows:

The total number of YES (approved) votes for each proposal will be entered on the Ballot Summary. NO votes and unmarked proposals will be disregarded.

The total number of votes for each nominee and write-in candidate will be entered on the Ballot Summary. However, if more than the maximum number of allowed votes for Director (as of this writing: five) are marked on any ballot, the ballot will be disqualified with respect to the election of Directors. A count of the ballots so disqualified will also be entered on the Ballot Summary.

After all votes are tallied and double-checked, the Ballot Summary and all ballots will be given to the Secretary, who will read the voting results to the membership. By policy, in this even-numbered year, the four candidates with the highest number of votes will be installed in the even-numbered (two-year) Director seats. Candidates with the next highest totals will be installed in any vacant odd-numbered (one-year) seats. In case of tie votes, the Secretary will call for a raised-hand vote of the membership (for only the tied candidates) to quickly resolve each instance.

The Ballot Summary and all ballots will be kept on file with the records of the Cooperative.

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