Annual Membership Meeting June 6, 2000


The annual meeting of GIAC was called to order on June 6, 2000 at 7 p.m. by GIAC president Gilbert Lee, who gave a message, "State of Giac"

Annual reports were given by officers and committee chairpersons.

Vice-President Mary Camp gave a report on GIAC classes and Labor Day activities.

Secretary and Webmaster Neil McLeod gave a membership report and reported on Websites. Peggy Bates gave a treasurer's report. Neil gave the ISP report.


The Legal Committee reported on the status of obtaining tax exempt status. Peggy reported on distribution of member account journals, the correction of payment coupons and the status of interest-bearing accounts.


The first order under new business was the presentation of certificate of awards to Jim Bates for his contribution to the work of the audit committee. A certificate was awarded to non-member Mary Halford for the auditing of the books of the organization since its inception.

Approval was given to continue to seek tax exempt status.

A motion was made and seconded and approved that the Executive Board brings to the members a proposal to change the By-law fixing the number of directors at 9. The members present and voting want the By-law changed to have the number of board members be 7.

By acclamation the following were eleced to fill vacancies on the board: Peggy Bates, Maary Camp, and Doug Love.

By-law changes submitted to members prior to the meeting were presented, with the action taken . A motion was made and seconded and approved that the annual meeting shall be convened on a Tuesday in June.

The second B-law change was approved after a motion was seconded, that permits any direcor to be on the audit committee as chairman.

An appeal was made for volunteers to help with the tasks of the organization. Norma Van Allen will act as secretary until someone else volunteers. Carol Gordon volunteered to be on the audit committee. Ray Stevens is willing to be on the audit committee. Doug Love volunteered to help Norma welcome new members.

The new telephone number for GIAC is 301-419-8044.

Mary Camp announced a class to be given by her on June 30 at 7 pm at the center to teach word processing.

As there were no more announcements and no more business, the meeting adjouned until next June, 2001.

Jean Snyder Recording Secretary June 11, 2000