GIAC Bulletin
These pages will be updated as information
becomes available between now and June 7.

GIAC Annual Board Meeting
& Election of Officers

Tuesday, June 7, 2005
Immediately after the Annual Membership Meeting
Greenbelt Community Center


  • Approval of agenda.

  • Elect Officers. President and Vice President must be Directors; Secretary and Treasurer may be Directors.

  • Appoint System Administrator, Webmaster, Delegate Webmasters, Social Director, other principal jobs.

  • Appoint Membership Committee.

  • Appoint FY05 Audit Committee.

  • Appoint other committees (and chairs, as needed).

  • Assign untasked Directors.

  • Establish initial operating agenda, priorities and transition plans for Officers, principal jobs and committees.

  • Schedule voice mail duty roster.

  • Schedule next class(es).

  • Schedule next Board meeting(s).



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