Minutes, GIAC Monthly Meeting – January 10, 2002


Meeting called to order 7:10pm

Doug Love, Gil Lee, Mary Camp, Peggy Bates, Karl Grotke, Anne Andersen (late)

Alexander Barnes – Member


Additional Issues:

Sys admin – new sysman

Discussions with M. Zook

Spam Committee

Message to Membership


Agenda Approved as modified moved –PB, seconded by ?



Mary Camp has changes to last months minutes – will modify and email to Leonie.


D Love requests emails to him also be sent to him at dlove@umuc.edu

Minutes from December not entirely reviewed, so not approved.


VP Report:  M Camp

Sharon and Mary to “ask the expert” session Mary will call Sharon and set up.

Expect this to be moved possibly to February.


Audit Committee

Doug Love has volunteered to be the committee chair

Mary Camp – Gil Lee members of the committee

First meeting – January 28th 7:30 at Bates House


Treasurer’s report: Peggy Bates

Un-Audited -$77 profit for the year


Computer Buy – Mary Camp will start looking for a Laptop for the Cooperative.


System Administrator:

Welcome to the new System Administrator – Karl Grotke


He is ready to do work orders, but cannot support anything but plain text applications for now.


Karl has reviewed the GIAC web pages and wants to make some changes.  He will send out a list of suggested changes.


We have a new license for the Endymion WebMail package which will allow for additional features such as address books and saving mail on the server.  Karl will determine how to make it work on our server.


Karl is working of a letter to the membership, which will include the following:

Following Items will be included in the letter to the membership:

-         A Request that the checks be sent  to the PO box, and not be dropped off at the treasurer’s house.  This will ensure a more timely deposit of them to the bank

-         Web Mail, we have the new capability

-         Description of Problem Reporting process (Include these things:……)  and cc to info@boo.net and sysman@greenbelt.com

The letter should be out in the next couple of days:


Peggy had a conversation with Margaret Zook regarding outstanding issues:


-         Restricted access to web-pages doesn’t protect from access via ftp.  Margaret Zook suggests we setup a limited access ftp directory for our corporate documents that could be accessed to only those in the group, not available across the web.  BooNet is loading a newer version of RedHat and will continue to investigate this issue.  Karl will continue to follow this.

-         Rudimentary sysman scripts are in place and partially working.  Still need some more work.

-         Diskusage selection needs to be added

Virus alert regarding mail.greenbelt.com:  Status – ccconline has now reformatted the hard drive of the server that was infected and sending out viruses.  There is still an outstanding issue regarding a DNS server that has the wrong IP address for mail.greenbelt.com.  Margaret has sent an email regarding the @home DNS server that had a bad entry for mail.greenbelt.com – Karl will follow up.


Need to setup a face-to-face meeting with Margaret – PB to set up.


Sysman only responsible for monitoring the sysman mailbox


Current sysman priorties:

1) Priority – Letter to the membership

2) Webmail – professional version setup

Need to audit the security on our server at the ISP

Web Page updates

Other things


Spam Committee:

Spam is getting worse.  A discussion about what a spam committee would do.  No decision was made.








Membership Report:

94 Members

60 Connection Accounts

11 extra mailboxes


Since November have 4 new members and four new connection accounts.


Membership list not updated on the website.


Try to setup deposit slip to automatically insert account numbers when the name is entered.


President Report:

Bought and distributed supplies.


Picked up a letter from Center Enterprises in Hartford Connecticut disputing the use of Center Enterprises.  We have no legal connection with Center Enterprises, and Gil passed the letter on to Neil McLeod.


Anne Andersen is going to remain as a director with a special project of setting up on-line registrations.


The meeting adjourned at 9:10pm