Monthly Board Meeting June 8, 2000


The meeting of the G.I.A.C. was called to order at 7:03 P.M. by President Gilbert Lee.

One of the purposes of this meeting was for orientation of new secretary. The minutes will be proof read by Peggy Bates and Neil Mc Leod will do the web site.

Mary Camp will send out notices for the classes, all other notices will be sent by the secretary. The president will put all ads in the newspaper and will post the events. Neil Mc Leod will continue doing membership voting list and roster. Secretary will notify all members by E-Mail.

The legal formal documents will be kept at Peggy Bates home, and she suggested we obtain a fire proof box for all permanent records. The annual meeting minutes will go into the permanent files. Neil Mc Leod will keep the web site version.

There will be a meeting next week of the legal committee to discuss procedure documentation and administration.

Mary Camp will give secretary a list of all people attending computer classes, so that G.I.A.C. can do recruiting.

It was suggested we post flyers on bulletin boards at libraries, grocery stores and etc. in College Park, Berwyn Heights and Riverdale.

Audit Committee will meet on the 2oth and will need a director to attend. Job credit of $10.00 will be given to chairman in month report is given.

I.S.P. Committee at scheduled meeting will go over problems they are having with Chesapeake. A motion was made that it become a standing committee. Neill Mc Leod will look into the by-laws to see if it can become a standing committee. Motion was made that I.S.P. Chairman receive a $10.00 credit in month report is given. seconded and carried.

Membership Committee: We gained one new member last month and lost one.

The Legal Committee will meet at the end of the month and redraft Charter Incorporation.

Vice President reported that computer classes on June 20th will be on custom forms in word perfect. It will be held in the Community Canter in the Senior Gallery.

Open House Planning Committee will meet in July. Mary Camp thinks we should have three (3) web site classes in September, advertisement beginning in August. Doug Love has offered to teach these classes.

Labor Day Parade: It was suggested we be in the parade, to be tabled and discussed at a later date.

Peggy Bates made a motion that we give Mary Halford a check for $50.00 in appreciation for all the work she has done for G.I.A.C., seconded and carried.

Norma Van Allen Acting Secretary