Monthly Board Meeting July 13, 2000


Meeting Called to Order 7:05 pm

Attending: Doug Love, Neil McLeod, Gil Lee, Mary Camp, Peggy Bates, Ed James, Jean Snyder

Gil may have a lead on a new recording secretary, was hoping she would come tonight. We currently have no candidate for secretary. - Minutes from the Annual meeting / Jean Snyder has given to Gil, Neil will format and post. - Minutes for first meeting on the June 6th / Doug Love gave notes to Neil to format and post. - Minutes for 2nd meeting / Norma Gave to Peggy, Neil will format and post. Neil read the minutes from the Annual meeting, Annual Board Meeting and Monthly Board Meeting. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- VP Report / Mary Camp - At the most recent class we were kicked out of the room half way through the setup. - Gil is to have a discussion with the Community center regarding the cancellation of our reservation for our classroom - A suggestion was made that the class material be posted on the web - A procedure change was recommended for the class announcement to change the wording to read "call to reserve a handout / all are welcome" to encourage people to come at the last minute even if they haven't made a "reservation" - There will be an open house for class planning, date TBD / either July or August (Tuesday, July 25th was suggested). Plan to extend invitations to: GHI, City of Greenbelt, News Review and the Community Center. - Still need a teacher for August / will check with former teachers and membership. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Treasurer Report / Peggy Bates - Discussion about spending money and possibilities on what to spend it on: Suggestions: - Fireproof box - Digital Camera - Computer lease (perhaps laptop for use in teaching) - Canon color printer (Doug Love said he would discuss sharing a printer with GATE) - Discussion about insurance issues with respect to owning equipment. - Discussion about posting the treasurer's report. Peggy to send text to Neil for formatting and posting. - A motion was made and seconded to reimburse Peggy Bates for the cost of Quick Books (purchased to do the GIAC accounting). Passed Unanimously. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- System Administrator Report / Neil McLeod - There were 4 new members in June to bring our total membership to 91. - Re-registered the Domain Name in June. - There is a new service available from the ISP to allow direct ".com" names through GIAC. $50.00 one time setup charge for the domain, $25.00 one time setup charge for mail. - Joyce believes she has satisfied all the requirements for the retroactive rate increase. We believe not quite (still open CGI issues and mail server issues) / Meeting set-up this week with Joyce. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ISP Committee Report / Doug Love - Met July 11th at Joes / 7pm. Met for 1/2 hour. - Reviewed recent job orders - Discussed multiple e-mail problem - Discussed members not converting(??) on digital line - Discussed Perl CGI & Java - Dorian has permissions for CGI scripts - Next meeting not yet set ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Legal Committee Report / Neil McLeod. - Next meeting, Next Thursday - Will port latest draft of Articles of incorporation - Will submit amended articles and application / first $40. to the State of Maryland, second $150 to the IRS. - After the legal committee finishes, the board will review changes and application. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Audit Committee Report / Doug Love - Carol Gordon met with the Treasurer and started to back check the entries in the accounting system back to the beginning of the current Fiscal Year (January 2000). - There is a question about what parts of the 1999 Audit should be posted on the internet / no information that can be tied to an individual will be posted. - Peggy will get the soft copy of the 1999 Annual report from Jim Bates and transfer it to the offline directory. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Item 10 on the agenda: - There are still 3 director vacancies and 1 secretary vacancy. - Gil will put articles in both the News Review and the Greenbelt Gazette. - There were three "voice mail" volunteers. Mary and Gil will re-contact them to see if they really have any interest in helping. - Neil will contact the business members of ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Item 11 on the agenda: - Neil will distill from recent meeting minutes, a list of procedures that need to be updated by the officers ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Item 12 on the agenda: - There will be an Officers meeting at Peggy's house on the 18th. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Item 13 on the agenda: - Labor Day Table issues were discussed. - Gil is going to look into buying a free standing canopy for use over the LDF table. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Item 14 on the agenda: - A Bylaw change to reduce the number of directors from 9 to 7 was discussed. The original idea was based on the premise that with 9 openings and only 5 serving there may be a difficulty having a quorum of 5 at each board meeting, but it with 5 seated directors a quorum is 3. - No change was made to the bylaws to allow flexibility in the future. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Meeting was adjourned at 9:20

Peggy Bates Recording Secretary July 31, 2000