GIAC Monthly Board Meeting - February 10, 2005 Conference Room, Greenbelt Police Station M E E T I N G M I N U T E S
Present: Mary Camp (Acting Chair), Peggy Bates, Ed James, Doug Love (arrived at 7:45) === Preliminaries === The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM (no quorum). === Visitor Presentations === === Monthly Reports === Secretary (Mary Camp, Acting) * January 13 meeting minutes minor corrections will be made and approved at March meeting. Treasurer (Peggy Bates ) * financial report January net income negative due to extra for wireless support at New Deal Cafe (NDC) and GIAC ad in Greenbelt NewsReview (GNR). * passed out latest membership list. * put ad about GIAC in GRN, had 3 requests for memebership kits from it. * membership 47 dial-up accounts and 8 non-connection accounts. Total of 90 members. Vice President's Report (Mary Camp) * planning to have a class in late March on Firefox and Thunderbird. * emailed members about volunteering to teach classes and/or send ideas no response at this time. * emailed members about Adobe Reader 7.0 and Thunderbird email program updates available, put in link to download sites. * contacted Community Center about GIAC's city recognition for 2005. Told to check in Mar/Apr. * sent membership kits to 3 people who requested them. * gave Peggy list of 2004 classes and receipts for Mary's GIAC purchases over the last few years. * downloaded new driver that may fix problem the projector has working with the laptop. President's Report (none) System Administrator's Report (Peggy Bates) * no outstanding problems. * checked on Wi-Fi at NDC, it is up and running. Gave NDC signs that Wi-Fi is sponsored by GIAC, have not been posted yet. Webmaster's Report (Neil McLeod - absent) Director's Report (Ed James) * New Deal Caf‚ replaced their WAP. * waiting for Neil to finish with News Review before able to meet on disk usage script. * will write up agenda for Thursday March 10th board meeting. Director's Report (Doug Love) * non-profit organization support discussion not done, will finish by March 1st. === Old Business === Audit committee (Mary Camp, Acting) * all but last item done for 2003 audit and then have the report to write. === New Business === * discussed motion put before the Board in an email by Neil McLeod. No quorum for a vote. * Ed will take on Doug's Voice/Email weeks. * discussed creating and posting on GIAC home page the membership forms as PDF files. Mary will make the files for Peggy. * discussed updating GIAC webpage layout, tentative date March 12 or 19 at Police station for this. * discussed revising GIAC Officer and Director duties to reflect empty positions. * discussed creating a list of specific, short term items that members can volunteer to do. Would put list on GIAC web site. === Conclusion === Voice and Email Roster: Don't forget to check * Feb 13 Feb 19 Ed James * Feb 20 Feb 26 Mary Camp * Feb 27 Mar 05 Ed James * Mar 06 Mar 12 Neil McLeod * Mar 13 Mar 19 Ed James Next Meeting * 7:00 p.m. on Thursday March 10th at the Greenbelt police station. Action Items * Peggy Bates send latest contacts PDF to all; accounts database to Neil; make questionnaire on service; see if mailed check to Centerway; email Board when available for webpage update mtg. * Mary Camp finish audit; make PDF files from membership forms; get Firefox user manual for class; check with Neil about Wi-Fi card for the laptop; install new video driver on laptop and see if that will fix laptop/ projector problem; find Norton Anti-virus 03 bill for Peggy; and correct January minutes, write draft February minutes, send both to the Board. * Ed James schedule meeting with Neil to work on Perl program; schedule Police station meeting room for monthly Board meetings for rest of the year; also reserve room for web page update meeting; compile next Board meeting agenda. * Doug Love prepare non-profit organization support material and email to the Board by March 1. * Neil McLeod absent The meeting adjourned at 8:22 PM Respectfully submitted, Mary Camp April 17, 2005 [CLOSE WINDOW TO GO BACK]