GIAC Monthly Board Meeting - August 7, 1997 Basement, Greenbelt Community Church M E E T I N G M I N U T E S
PRELIMINARIES The meeting was held in the basement of the Greenbelt Community Church, at the intersection of Hillside and Crescent Roads. Nancy Revis, President, presided over the meeting. The meeting began at 7 p.m. Members present: Anne Anderson (late arrival), Matt Elliott, Jim Heagy, Doug Love, Neil McLeod, Patty Merryman, Greg Meyer, Chris Morris, Nancy Revis Minutes from the previous board meeting of July 10, 1997 were read. The treasurers report was given by treasurer Chris Morris. The share value is now $56.17/share; we continue to be in the black. MEETINGS The next meeting will be held September 4, 1997 at the Greenbelt Police Department conference room at 7 p.m. GIAC has a tentative agreement with the Police Department allowing us to hold meetings there through next June. Meeting attendance by rank and file members has dropped off, perhaps due to the move from the GATE office. In response, Jim Heagy has agreed to broadcast meeting dates and times to the membership and friends of GIAC. As a reminder, GIAC meetings are open to all members and interested parties (not just the Board). CLASSES The schedule for classes is: Course Date Teacher ======================================================= Basic Internet Browsing Aug. 19, 1997 Greg Meyer PC Basics (software) Sep. 24, 1997 Neil McLeod Online Shopping Oct. 20, 1997 Nancy Revis Net Job Hunting Nov. 18, 1997 Jim Heagy TBD Dec. 17, 1997 TBD ------------------------------------------------------- Several other class related issues were raised. It was pointed out that many class attendees do not know the class coverage beforehand. Efforts to increase communication between the "students" and "teachers" were also encouraged, particularly immediately before the classes. A suggestion was made to make class outlines available on the website and to distribute hard copies at the beginning of each class. Classes are a prime recruiting vehicle, and the need to followup with class attendees was emphasized. Nancy Revis proposed to draft a thank you letter to be sent to class attendees. Sign up sheets and their contents were also discussed. It was proposed that sign up sheets include spaces for name, address, phone, email and spaces to answer the questions, "How did you find out about the class?" and "Would you like a followup?". (Matt Elliot has since made up this sign up sheet) As a reminder, no money can be taken at the library for GIAC business. Also raised was the issue of poor lighting during classes, making note taking difficult. Two suggestions were offered: (1) schedule a "break" during the class so that people can jot down notes and/or ask questions, and (2) arrange for an alternate low-level light source to be available. LABOR DAY FESTIVAL GIAC has forwarded $25 to the Labor Day Festival committee to ensure a space for our information day booth (Saturday, Sept. 1). We are still waiting for acknowledgment of payment and instructions on where to set up. It was pointed out that no monetary transactions can be conducted on the premises during information day. Arrangements have been made to run a phone line from Neil's office to the information booth. Nancy has generously offered the use of her husband's truck for the parade (Monday, Sept. 3) ......;-) NEW YEARS FESTIVAL Participation in the New Years Festival was raised briefly, but was tabled due to audible groans and more pressing matters. TRANSITIONS FROM WEBMASTER TO OFFICERS The transfer of duties from the webmaster (Neil) to the secretary (Jim) and treasurer (Chris) is still ongoing. Administrative procedures for GIAC officers are published on the website and need to be updated by their respective officers. It is recommended that draft procedures be distributed to the board for review before final uploading to the website. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE / JOB ASSIGNMENTS / VOLUNTEERS GIAC is still in need of a volunteer coordinator. This person would arrange for members, friends of GIAC, or other sentient beings to help with the many chores that need to be done on a regular basis. These include: hanging up flyers, contacting potential members, helping out with classes, making membership kits, etc. Also, we are still looking for people to coordinate with community organizations to develop and maintain web sites for them. Patty and Nancy have agreed to call 25 "friends of GIAC" to help increase our membership and volunteer base. Nancy has contacted the Greenbelt Police Dept. to offer to develop a web site for them in return for allowing GIAC to use their conference room for meetings. The Police Dept. claims to already have a web site on another server, although it was pointed out that this is not a dedicated Greenbelt Police web site. Nancy will approach them again. We also need volunteers to help troubleshoot problems for members who still have not been able to get connected. Nancy pointed out that there may come a time when GIAC can no longer be expected to do "house calls". To this end, installation procedures for various platforms/operating systems are in need of updating. These could be distributed with membership kits to help people get connected. ISP COMMITTEE Matt Elliot gave the report from the ISP committee (Matt Elliott, Jim Heagy, Doug Love, Neil McLeod, Keith Mervine, and Dorian Winterfield). Research is ongoing and it was agreed to meet Monday Aug. 11 to accelerate efforts and to establish selection criteria. STYLE UPGRADE FOR COMMUNITY AND GIAC PAGES Thanks to the hard work of Neil McLeod, the web site style upgrade is nearly completed. The community calendar has been upgraded and the home page is now quick and simple. We are still looking for information to place on the About Greenbelt Page. Also, the Community Directory needs to be updated and verified. ISP PROBLEMS There have again been a rash of email and server problems. The problems have been compounded by the fact that after 5 PM and on weekends DSI does not answer their phone. FAX is the only way to get a message through about a server problem. There has also been a script change in the DSI modem answering protocol, and this has created connection problems for some members. There are now dedicated numbers for 33.6 KB, 56 KB, and ISDN lines that do not accept incoming calls from 28.8 KB modems. There was discussion on whether to make all of these numbers available to the membership. Neil will attempt to find out if DSI has a policy on the distribution of these numbers before we take any action. The meeting was adjourned at 10:05. Jim Heagy, Secretary August 1997 [CLOSE WINDOW TO GO BACK]