GIAC Monthly Board Meeting - October 2, 1997 Conference Room, Greenbelt Police Station M E E T I N G M I N U T E S
PRELIMINARIES The meeting was held in the Greenbelt Police Department conference room. Nancy Revis, President, presided over the meeting. The meeting began at 7 p.m. Board Members present: Anne Anderson (late arrival) , Jim Heagy, Doug Love (late arrival), Chris Morris (late arrival), Nancy Revis Others present: Ranie Crompton, Tom Crompton, Evelyn Hillier, Jay Williams WEB SPACE The first item of business was the issue of web space on DSI's web server. We are near the upper bound of our 10 MB allocation and need to secure an additional 10 MB. This will require an extra $10/month. The possibility was raised of members who do not use their 0.5 MB allotment donating their space to other (needy) members. The pros and cons of this idea were discussed and it was generally agreed that administering this idea would be problematic. CLASSES GIAC classes (held at the library) will remain on a rotating Mon., Tues., Wed. schedule, i.e., every month the day shifts. Classes are held on the third (complete) week on the month. The next class is "Net Job Hunting", taught by Jim Heagy, to be held in the basement of the Greenbelt Library, Nov. 18 at 7 PM. At the time of the meeting there was no class scheduled for December. A few other class issues were raised. The importance of running the "PC Basics" class on a regular basis was stressed. The possibility of videotaping this class was also raised. Finally, Nancy mentioned the possibility of buying an inexpensive computer for use in the classes. It is not clear whether we have the funds to do so at present. ISP PROBLEMS Some of the recent connection problems are not entirely DSI's fault. Bell Atlantic (DSI's provider) has had a rash of switch malfunctions. At the time of the meeting DSI had still not implemented a beeper system for informing them of connection problems. They had agreed to implement this system by August 30, 1997. Doug Love has agreed to be the point of contact to register outages. There is also a Hotmail account, GIAC_LOG for reporting outages. VICE PRESIDENTIAL CHANGE Before the meeting Greg Meyer sent an email letter to all GIAC Board Members informing them of his resignation as Vice President of GIAC. It was decided to fill Greg's position as soon as possible. Article V, section 4 of the GIAC Bylaws states, "A vacancy in any office because of death, resignation, removal, disqualification or otherwise, may be filled by the Directors for the unexpired portion of the term." Based on this it was decided to fill the Vice Presidential seat at the meeting, as a willing candidate, Tom Crompton, was present. By unanimous vote Tom Crompton was installed as a Board Member and the newest Vice President of GIAC (contingent on becoming a member, which he agreed to do). PROFIT/NONPROFIT Chris Morris has looked into the issues surrounding a potential change to nonprofit status. There are two basic courses of action. The first (and perhaps easiest) is to dissolve the GIAC corporation and reincorporate under new bylaws. The second is to rewrite the bylaws to reflect the nonprofit nature. Chris is still looking into the specifics. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS - Doug Love volunteered to query the membership by email to see if there was interest in a GIAC presence at the Greenbelt New Year's Festival. - Chris Morris reported that we are at ~$57/share equity (still in the black!) - We still have 3 GIAC T-shirts (2 large and 1 medium) selling for $24 each. - Joanne Hinsley, the Labor Day Information Coordinator, wrote a letter to GIAC informing us that we may use the same table location for next year's festival. - Jay Williams, a guest at the meeting and a professional in the Web-Based Art and Promotions business, generously offered to promote by designing and placing a banner on the website (since the meeting the Jay has made the banner and it can be found at The meeting was adjourned at 9:05. Jim Heagy, Secretary October 1997 [CLOSE WINDOW TO GO BACK]