GIAC Monthly Board Meeting - June 4, 1998 Conference Room, Greenbelt Police Station M E E T I N G M I N U T E S
PRELIMINARIES The meeting was held in the Conference Room of the Greenbelt Police Station. Nancy Revis, President, presided over the meeting. The meeting began at 7 p.m. Board Members present: Anne Andersen (late arrival), Bill Dupree, Tom Crompton, Jim Heagy, Neil McLeod, Doug Love (late arrival), Chris Morris, Nancy Revis. Others present: Patty Merryman, Claude Revis. CLASSES Tom Crompton reported that we are on track with classes; classes are scheduled for several months ahead. June's class (June 15) is a two part class, "Tour of the Greenbelt Website" and "Electronic Greeting Cards", both taught by Patty Merryman. July's class (July 21), taught by Bill Dupree, is "Basic Windows 95". Classes are held in the large meeting room in the basement of the Greenbelt Public Library and begin at 7 p.m. Matt Elliott is reportedly interested in teaching a Linux class sometime. Geff King offered to teach a class on shell accounts. FINANCIAL STATUS Chris Morris gave the treasurer's report. Highlights are as follows. The year to date income is approximately $600. The share value is $61.53/share, based on a membership base of 75 members. LABOR DAY FESTIVAL GIAC will again have an information table at the Greenbelt Labor Day Festival. The participation fee is $50, which was approved by Nancy. We will be able to set up at the same spot we had last year (under the Sycamore tree east of the doctor's offices). The information tables can be manned from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. this year (longer than last year) and we can begin setting up at 9:30 a.m. (earlier than last year). As usual, volunteers are needed to help set up and man the table. We will again have a phone line and electric power to set up a computer. TAX-EXEMPT ISSUE Neil reported that the legal committe is in the process of rewriting the Articles of Incorporation pursuant to the application for 501(c)(3) tax status. VOLUNTEER INCENTIVE PROPOSAL Neil and Tom reported on a proposal intended to increase the volunteer base. Basically, the proposal would require each GIAC member (who purchases internet service) to fulfill a monthly activity (requiring ~ 1-2 hours of time). Failure to carry out an activity would result in a $3 activity fee for that month. Failure to pay the $3 fee would result in suspension of service. The point was raised that most coops in the area have similar arrangements; members are given the choice of lower service fees, provided they fulfill certain duties. Discussion centered around the work involved in administering such a proposal, particularly for the treasurer. A motion was made to implement procedures for such a proposal. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously (note that passage of the motion did not enact the proposal). SIGMANET ISSUES Jim Heagy passed around a log of recent connection problems. Discussion over the origin of and solution to these problems was heated. It was pointed out that the frequency of problems has increased recently. SigmaNet experienced a major hardware failure recently and it is possible that the connection problems were precursors to this failure. After much discussion, it was agreed that detailed logs summarizing connection problems are crucial to their eventual solution. BOARD WITHDRAWALS / ANNUAL MEETING Due to a change in work assignment, Claude Revis withdrew his name for consideration for the board. Bill Dupree announced his retirement from the board. Nancy Revis also stated she was stepping down as President, but has agreed to remain on the board. The second annual meeting of the GIAC membership is Tuesday June 9, in the Conference Room of the Greenbelt Police Station. Election of board members will take place and voting on proposals to change the GIAC bylaws will be held. A meeting of the newly elected board will take place immediately following the annual meeting, for the purpose of electing officers and filling committee seats. Details of the annual meeting can be found on the website at Details of the board meeting can be found at NEXT MEETING The next monthly meeting is July 2, 1998, at 7 p.m. in the Greenbelt Police Station Conference Room. The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m. Jim Heagy, Secretary June 1998 [CLOSE WINDOW TO GO BACK]