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    Listed below are various administrative and technical tasks that are currently available for assignment to volunteers. Please contact the person shown to volunteer for any of the tasks listed or for more information. If you would like to volunteer but don't see anything listed that sparks your interest, don't be bashful. Propose your new idea(s) and get involved!

    Items flagged ( # ) indicate tasks that urgently need to be assigned.

    For the Class Coordinator
    -  Publish class flyers   details
    -  Set up / clean up classroom   details
    -  Follow up class attendees   details
    -  Teach an Internet class #
    -  Teach a computer class #

    For the Publicity Coordinator
    -  Submit newspaper articles   details
    -  Submit photographs   details
    -  Publish meeting flyers   details
    -  Publish recruiting flyers   details
    -  Coordinate Municipal Access Television
    -  Coordinate Public Access Television
    -  Conduct Cybercafes
    -  Sell GREENBELT.COM polo shirts
    -  Plan GIAC participation in Greenbelt Cooperatives Month (October)
    -  Plan GIAC participation in Greenbelt Labor Day Festival Information Day
    -  Plan GIAC participation in Greenbelt Labor Day Parade
    -  Plan GIAC participation in Greenbelt New Year

    For the Volunteers Coordinator
    -  Distribute flyers   details
    -  Volunteer for special tasks

    For the Community Webmaster
    -  Support Community Calendar   details
    -  Support Community Directory   details
    -  Support Community Gallery   details
    -  Develop / maintain Community Website pages  details

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