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Tuesday, September 8, 1999

GIAC Door Prize Winner

At Greenbelt Labor Day Festival Information Day, held on Saturday, September 4, 1999, at Roosevelt Center, twenty-six folks registered at GIAC's information table. At the door prize drawing the following day, the registrants were assigned numbers from 1 to 26. Then twenty-six Scrabble™ letter tiles were mixed in a bag and one was drawn out ... and the winner is ... 


Congratulations!  to Missy Dodd of Greenbelt, winner of:

3 months of GREENBELT.COM Internet service

At the First Annual Greenbelt Cooperatives Spirit Day, held on Saturday, June 5, 1999, at the Greenbelt Co-op Supermarket, 106 folks registered for door prizes offered by Greenbelt's participating cooperatives:

Greenbelt Co-op Supermarket / Pharmacy
Greenbelt Homes, Inc.
Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative
Greenbelt News Review
Greenbelt Nursery School & Kindergarten
New Deal Cafe

At the door prize drawing on Monday, June 7, 12-year-old Melissa Sumpter of Greenbelt won GIAC's prize:

3 months of GREENBELT.COM Internet service

Happily, Melissa recently received a used computer as a gift from a relative. Just as soon as the machine can be set up with its own desk and the necessary hardware and software components, she is looking forward to getting hooked up with GREENBELT.COM to explore the Internet (watch it, Mom!) and share e-mail with her friends and family this summer.

At the picnic celebration of National Cooperatives Month held at Greenbelt Homes in October, 1998, Greenbelt City Councilman Alan Turnbull won:

3 months of GREENBELT.COM Internet service

Alan and Wendy must have enjoyed the experience because they are still with us today!

- posted by Neil McLeod, Community Webmaster



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