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Administrative Procedures
Responsibilities of the Secretary

Duties Correspondence and Records

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    • Prepare correspondence for Directors and Officers when necessary 
    • Broadcast organizational announcements via Mail Buttons (meetings/activities,etc.)
    • Mail out the Membership Kits, Reminder Coupons, Annual Meeting cards
    • Voice Mailbox maintainence
    • Keep and maintain corporation records

    Monthly and Annual Meetings
    The Secretary will record the minutes and dissention votes within the business secession, link to the Treasures Report and the System Administrators Report,  and post them to the meetings webpage in a prompt and timely manner. He or she will be responsible for providing the voting forms and the certified mailing of notice of the Annual Membership Meeting.

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       CORRESPONDENCE (on demand)
        • Accept and direct correspondence to the appropriate individuals.
        • Maintain Paper Files (records).
        • Draft correspondence where necessary and at the direction of the President.


        Maintain the following permanent files for reference by present and future GIAC Officers: Secretary holds files and accepts content.

        • Cooperative & Legal Documents 
        • Member Correspondence (significant mail & e-mail) 
        • ISP Correspondence (significant mail & e-mail) 
        • Treasurer's Reports 
        • System Administrator's Reports 
        • Any other files required by the President 
        • Charter
        • Past minutes
        • Old files not archived in web directories

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