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How to Report Trouble
Before Calling Reporting Trouble

SUGGESTION:  Print this page (and this one) for reference in the event of trouble.

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    Before calling for help, please consider the following points:

    • Has the problem occurred more than once? If not, power-off and restart your computer and modem, then try again.

    • Have you checked Frequently Asked Questions to find out if your problem has already been documented?

    • Were any changes applied (by you or anyone else) to your computer's hardware / software configuration before the onset of the problem? If so, be prepared to describe in detail.

    • Be prepared to describe the symptoms of the problem as well as the sequence of events surrounding it. Vague descriptions such as "It doesn't work!" or "I can't dial out!" are not usually helpful when diagnosing a technical problem. If you expect someone to be able to help you, specific information will be needed. You must act as the eyes and ears of the person who will be trying to help you. Before seeking help, consider what conditions or symptoms accurately describe the nature (not the cause) of the problem.

      • Were any error messages displayed? If so, write down the exact text of the message.
      • What events immediately preceded the problem (i.e., exactly what were you doing when the problem occurred)?
      • What events immediately followed the problem (i.e., did you change anything in your efforts to fix it)?

    • Be prepared to provide the name and version number of operating system and application software installed on your computer.

    • The better information you can provide, the more likely your problem can be resolved in timely fashion.

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