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    In June, 2005, the Board of Directors implemented formal web (electronic) ballots and supporting administrative procedures to be used in place of simple e-mail voting. The intended goals of the initiative are to facilitate the conduct of business between monthly meetings (helping to shorten those meetings); to provide a better opportunity for issues to be researched, discussed, and considered by the Directors prior to voting; and to document voting results online.

    For the same reasons, if the new procedure is successful at the Board level, web balloting may be used to put issues that arise between annual meetings (e.g., bylaw changes) before the Membership.

    To initiate a new web ballot, contact the Community Webmaster.

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    Submitted Director ballots will be distributed to all Directors. Upon viewing the votes and comments of other Directors, any Director may change his/her vote(s) or comment further in an iterative process that will continue until either a) uncommented ballots have been received from all Directors, or b) the voting deadline is reached. Only votes on the last ballot received from each Director will be tallied. A summary of final votes will be posted to the online ballot.


    • Director Ballot 12/29/05 - November/December Minutes  Due 01/08
    • Director Ballot 11/01/05 - Amended Bylaws  Extended thru 11/18
    • Director Ballot 10/27/05 - September/October Minutes  Extended thru 11/18
    • Director Ballot 08/31/05 - Resident Agent
    • Director Ballot 08/27/05 - Service Rates
    • Director Ballot 08/26/05 - Amended Articles
    • Director Ballot 08/25/05 - August Minutes
    • Director Ballot 08/20/05 - Old Minutes  Partially carried over
    • Director Ballot 08/18/05 - Procedure
    • Director Ballot 08/10/05 - Old Minutes
    • Director Ballot 08/08/05 - July Minutes
    • Director Ballot 07/03/05 - June Minutes
    • Director Ballot 06/20/05 - PayPal
    • Director Ballot 06/16/05 - Board Rules & Procedures

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    Depending on the topic, submitted Member ballots will be received by the Secretary, Webmaster, or Legal Committee. Only votes on the last ballot received from each Member before the voting deadline will be tallied. A summary of final votes will be posted to the online ballot.


    • Member Ballot 09/08/05 - Amended Articles

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