Dining and Recreation


Beijing (Chinese), Roosevelt Center, Greenbelt, 301-345-3996

Franklin’s Brew Pub, 5123 Baltimore Ave, Hyattsville (home-brewed beers, family-friendly)

Atlanta Bread Company, beside the Beltway Plaza, 5506 Cherrywood Lane, Greenbelt

Pho 88 (Vietnamese), 10478 Baltimore Ave, Beltsville, MD, 301-931-8128

Tiffin (Indian), 1341 E University Blvd, 301-434-9200

Udupi Palace (Indian), 1329 University Blvd. East - next to Tiffin's, nicer interior

Pizza Roma - 9805 Rhode Island, next to MOM's, good pizza, but best if you pick it up, unreliable delivery, 301-982-2551

Human Express (Chinese) -5039 Garrett Ave, Beltsville, pretty good Chinese, reliable delivery, 301-937-0297

Myoung Dong (Korean) - 11114 Baltimore, Beltsville, good food, small inside, 301-595-4173

Barnside Diner-9206 Baltimore Ave, 301-441-8888--a more authentic diner than Silver Diner in the Beltway Plaza mall (which is OK too, but noisy).  

Plato's Diner - 7150 Baltimore Ave, College Park, 301-779-7070

Costa Alegre, 5815 Greenbelt Road, College Park, 301-474-2278 (very good Mexican food, mostly take-out)

Hamani Japanese Restaurant, 8145-M Baltimore Ave., College Park, 301-982-9899 (very good Japanese food with quick delivery)

Hard Times Café, 4738 Cherry Hill Road, College Park (in the same mall as Shoppers)—good chili and beer selection, 301-474-8880 

Marathon Deli (Greek food), 4429 Lehigh Road, 301-927-6717

China Café 6, 4370 Knox Road, College Park, 301-277-3737 (inexpensive and good Chinese/Thai food)

For fancy dining

94th Aero Squadron restaurant at the College Park airport, 5240 Paint Branch Pkwy, 301-699-9400

Calvert House - 6211 Baltimore Ave, Riverdale 


Live music/coffee houses

New Deal Café, Roosevelt Center, Greenbelt, 301-474-5642

College Perk Coffeehouse, Baltimore Ave

Berwyn Cafe - 5010 Berwyn Rd, College Park, 301-345-9898


Movie Theaters that show good movies

Roosevelt Center, Greenbelt (one-screen)

E Street in DC, at the Gallery Place Metro

AFI in Silver Spring

Majestic in Silver Spring

International Films once a month during the semester at the Hoff Theater at the UMD campus


The recreation department of the city of Greenbelt.  There are many classes offered for children and adults - soccer, dance, art, aerobics, computers, music, t'ai chi, Mom's Morning Out preschool - the list goes on.  We suggest going to the Community Center as soon as you arrive to see if there's a class you or your children would enjoy.  You can e-mail the community center at: commctr@ci.greenbelt.md.us

The Greenbelt Aquatics and Fitness Center offers indoor and outdoor swimming pools, hydrotherapy pool and fitness room, along with various classes for both adults and children.

The Greenbelt Arts Center puts on a wide range of plays, musicals and concerts.