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    Editor's Note

    October 11, 1997

    Our New Publication Schedule

    Greenbelt Interfaith News is changing to a new publication schedule. Henceforth, all articles will be posted at the beginning of each month. The monthly index will be divided by faith and denomination for easier reference.

    The Greenbelt Hometown Pages will also be revised. The Coming Events page will be updated each month at the same time that the news articles are posted. The Interfaith Calendar will be temporarily withdrawn; when it reappears, it will carry links to descriptions of the holidays of world faiths.

    Our new format should make it easier for readers to locate articles that are of particular interest to them. Although our articles will not be as timely as they have been in the past, we hope that our coverage of major faiths and denominations will be more consistent and comprehensive.

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    Readers desiring more timely religion news may wish to review the links listed on the Religion News Sites page. The links listed below post Jewish or ecumenical Christian news every day or two; unfortunately, no site yet exists that posts daily interfaith news.

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    Golden Compass (Christian)

    Jewish Communications Network News (Jewish)

    Worldwide Faith News (Christian)

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