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    November 1997

    Catholic Reform Coalition Meets in Rome
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    "We are Church," a coalition advocating reforms in the Catholic Church, held its first international conference in Rome on the weekend of October 11, The Tablet reports. Members of the coalition marched to St. Peter's Square, where a Vatican representative met with them and promised to deliver their letter to the pope. The group also spoke with Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala, archbishop of Kampala in Uganda, whom they report showed sympathy for the coalition's goals.

    The "We are Church" movement began in Germany and Austria in 1995. The coalition's petition advocates reform of five types: "Equality of all the faithful in office without differentiation, equality for women, abolition of mandatory celibacy for priests, a positive evaluation of sexuality, and the proclamation of the Christian message as 'glad tidings'." The coalition reports that the petition has received 2.3 million signatures in Germany and Austria, 35,000 in the United States, and 1,300 in England and Wales.

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