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    December 1997

    British Archaeologists Discover Prehistoric Temple Site, Bigger Than Stonehenge
    By Heather Elizabeth Peterson
    Greenbelt Interfaith News

    Stanton Drew has kept its secret for many years. The three stone circles located in Somerset, southwestern England, have long been famous, but a recent geophysical survey reveals evidence that an enormous wooden temple once stood on the site. According to press reports issued on November 11, archaeologists of English Heritage believe that the 5,000-year-old ceremonial site was larger and more elaborate than the wooden predecessor of Stonehenge, England's famous megalithic monument.

    A representative of the United Kingdom's Pagan umbrella organization, the Pagan Federation, says that news of the temple's discovery has caused little stir in the British Pagan community. "As yet, not many people other than archaeologists are jumping up and down," Ming told Greenbelt Interfaith News. "Personally, I think that it won't have that much impact on the community, as the English Heritage have said that they will not excavate the site." He added, though, that Pagans he talked to who were familiar with the site said that the stones' location next to water (an element used in Pagan worship) gave the site a good atmosphere.

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