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2007 Division B Champions
2006 Division C Champions
2003 Division D Champions

About the Greenbelt Municipal Swim Team

The Greenbelt Municipal Swim Team has been in existence since 1957 and is a charter member of the Prince-Mont Swim League (PMSL).

The GMST is a Division B team in the Prince-Mont Swim League. GMST swims competitively in the summer season, mid June through the first week of August, at both home and away weekly meets with other Division B teams.

The Greenbelt Swim Team is not affiliated or "part of" the Greenbelt Aquatic Center. During the fall, winter, and spring GMST leases the swim lanes for practices. During the summer, GMST is a "City Sponsored Organization" and thus the swim team has been granted use of the Aquatic Center during designated times. In general, GMST has use of the Aquatic Center before it is open to the public. Along with all other patrons of the Aquatic Center, GMST is bound to adhere to the Center's rules and regulations.

While the City of Greenbelt funds the summer season, it’s the swim team parents, who comprise the Aquatic Booster Club, that run the entire program. Every parent of a swimmer is a member of the Aquatic Booster Club. Administrative activities for the Booster Club and GMST are coordinated by the Club’s Executive Committee, which is elected by the members.

GMST also offers Fall-Winter/Spring Swim Programs for their swimmers. These programs are funded entirely by revenues generated by registration fees and proceeds from various fundraisers held during the summer season.

Our mission:

To promote swimming as a lifelong activity, to help each swimmer achieve their "personal best" and to advocate swimming as a family participation sport.

Our Mascot:

The Barracuda

Our motto:

"Don’t ask what GM stands for - if you’re fast you’d know".

Our Location:

Greenbelt Aquatic & Fitness Center

Our Mail Address:

Greenbelt Municipal Swim Team
P.O. Box 491
Greenbelt, MD 20768-491

Quick Contacts

Leah Cohen - 301.220.1361

Head Coach:
Stacy Russell -

Dual Meet Manager:
Terence Sheppard - 301.518.4816

B Meet Manager:

PMSL League Rep - Volunteer Coordinator
Laura Beckert

Coach's email: gmstcoaches@

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