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Participation Policy for GMST Fall and Winter/Spring Swim Programs

Adopted: November 1997; Amended: November 2004

With the GMST Coaching Staff as instructors, the Fall - Winter/Spring Swim Programs are offered to prepare swimmers for GMST's competitive summer season. These Programs are sponsored by the Aquatic Booster Club of the Greenbelt Municipal Swim Team (GMST). To clarify the criteria for participation in these programs the Executive Committee of the Booster Club has established the following policy for the Fall-Winter/Spring Swim Program.

Participation Eligibility

  • Swimmers or their families who swam with GMST in a previous summer season.
  • Swimmers who were not affiliated with another local team on the Prince-Mont Swim League (PMSL) during the previous summer and intend to swim competitively with GMST in the summer season.
  • If a swimmer feels that there are other circumstances or reasons that they should be allowed to participate in GMST's Fall-Winter/Spring Swim Program, they may petition the Executive Committee.

Note: Swimmers who meet this criteria, and subsequently participate in one or more of the Fall-Winter/Spring Swim Programs but fail to participate as a GMST swimmer in the summer program without "good reason" will not be eligible to participate in any Fall-Winter/Spring Swim Program in a subsequent year.


  • No swimmer will be allowed to swim until Registration Fees have been paid.

Suspension from Participation

  • A swimmer may be suspended from participation in GMST's Fall - Winter/Spring Swim Program at the request of GM's Coaching Staff. Such cases may arise if the swimmer's conduct is disruptive to the team and repeated attempts to rectify the situation have not been successful. In this event the Executive Committee will uphold the Coach's decision. The only possibility that the swimmer may be reinstated in a subsequent session is through petition to the Executive Committee.
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