Proposed Draws - David Craig Tournaments Sep 27 - Oct 19,2008 Tabs at the Bottom:      
Please send email if there are errors/conflicts/suggestions. A - A Singles  
Please send email stating your First Match Start Date and Time 50+ - Over 50 Singles  
so we know that everybody understands the Draws. B - B Singles  
Click to send email W - Womens' Singles  
Click Tabs at the bottom of this screen to see the different proposed draws. C - C Singles  
Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled start time W dbls - Womens Doubles  
Court Side Cell Phone: 301-785-0826 Mixed - Mixed Doubles  
Last updated Monday 11:30 am Oct 27. O dbls - Open Doubles  
Consolation Draws: Not enough interest.  
Thanks for Participating!    
Rich Majewski Braden Field Directions