Proposed Draws - May 15-23,2010 Spring Singles Tournament        
Click Tabs at the bottom for Proposed Draws & more info.    
Click to send email Tabs at the Bottom:  
Please send email: Womens, A,50+,B, C,  
1) if there are errors/conflicts/suggestions. Time Grid, Players, Info  
2) if you are in a draw you did not request    
    and you want to switch. To make sure the Tournament ends   
3) stating your First Match Start Date and Time on a reasonable day   
    so we know that everybody understands the Draws. we may change the draws  
Please: even after matches have been played.  
1) click Tabs at the bottom of this screen     
     to see the different proposed draws.    
2) check to see if the Time Grid is in sync with the Draws. Braden Field Directions  
3) arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled start time    
4) play a 10-point win-by-2 tiebreak in place of a 3rd set  
    for matches other than Semi-Final and Final.    
5) play a 3rd set if necessary for Semi-Final and Final.    
6) use regular (not no-ad) scoring for all matches.    
7) don't footfault.    
Court Side Cell Phone: 301-785-0826    
Director: Sam Sain 301-474-3573      
Thanks for participating!