WHEN:  All entry forms and fees SHOULD be received BY MAIL ONLY no later than 12:00 noon of the Wednesday before each tournament. The draws will be posted on the GTA website by the Friday before each tournament or sooner if possible (  If you do not have access to the web, call 301-595-5744 (6am-midnight) on Thursday or Friday before the tournament to find out your starting time.


 Send entry form and fee(s) to: GTA, PO Box 594, Greenbelt, MD 20768-0594 in advance.  Please try to pay by mail in advance so we don’t have to collect payment at the courts after the draws have been set up. 


SCHEDULING:  If the event of large draws, some tournaments may take two weekends to complete.  Player’s scheduling requests may be honored for the first round only, at the discretion of the tournament director.  The tournament director reserves the right to make any necessary changes for the successful execution of the tournament.  Players may request permission of the tournament director to attempt to reschedule a match with an opponent if both parties agree, provided the match is completed prior to the scheduled next round, and that the score is reported immediately to the tournament director.  Prior to a match, it is the player’s responsibility to check the website for changes in match times that may be mandated by weather, draw conflicts between events, and other reasons determined by the tournament director.


SCORING & EVENTS:  USTA rules apply.  Regular scoring for all rounds.  For Semis and Finals -  best of 3 sets; for earlier rounds (up to, but excluding Semis) - use a 10 point tiebreak instead of a 3rd set (10 point tiebreak means first to 10 but you must win by 2 points; switch sides every 6 points); for semis and finals, play a 3rd set if necessary.  Players may enter 2 events but please remember that for each event you may have to play more than once a day. All doubles entries must include names of both partners. A 10-minute default rule will be strictly enforced as will a 10-minute warm-up period. Players are expected to sign in at least 1/4 hour before their match is to begin.


RAIN POLICY:  In the event of rain, play will resume one (1) hour after rain stops at the courts.  If rain continues, matches will be rescheduled.  The new draw times will be posted on the website later in the day.  An email notice will be sent to all entrants once the modified draw is posted on the website after a continuing rain delay.  It is the player’s responsibility to find out when they play.

STANDARDS OF CONDUCT: GTA will enforce USTA rules regarding conduct of players.  Players should consult and be familiar with USTA rules and the Code of Conduct as found in the publication “Friend at Court, the USTA Handbook of Tennis Rules and Regulations” and as posted at or more specifically Friend At Court .  No player may abuse an official or a player.  In particular, the following behaviors will not be tolerated: arguing with the tournament offficials, unsportsmanlike conduct, failure to appear on time for matches, non-compliance with the continuous play rule, foul language, and arguing about line calls.  When conflicts arise during a match, players should call for an official.  Players who violate the code of conduct will be subject to the mandatory point penalty system as required by USTA rules.  This penalty system mandates that officials assess players with increasing penalties starting with a point, a game, and default of the match for successive violations.  Players are advised to recognize that the tournament officials receive no compensation and that tournaments are organized for the enjoyment and fair play of all players.