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Greenbelt Tennis Association
2006 Membership, Tournament & Ladder Application Form
Send entry fee(s) and form to:
Greenbelt Tennis Association, PO Box 594 - Greenbelt, MD 20768-0594
Checks should be made out to 'Greenbelt Tennis Association'

Name________________________________________ Phone:(h)(          )__________________ cell:

Address_______________________________________ Phone:(w)(          )__________________

City____________________________ Zip__________ E-mail ______________________

1. GTA 2006 Membership Dues: Greenbelt Residents: $10.00 Nonresidents: $10.00 (same price)
      Please sign me up for GTA membership (   )

2. GTA 2006 Ladder: GTA Members and Greenbelt residents: FREE. Others: $5.
      Please sign me up to play on the GTA Ladder (   )

3. Five Tournaments: (Limited to two (2) events, 1 singles per tournament date)
      Fee per person, per event: GTA Members: $5.00 Nonmembers: $10.00

If you know which tournaments you will play in, please indicate below.
Or you can wait for the email announcements shortly before the tournaments.
Please let us know by the Tuesday before the tournament.

Please enter partner's name and contact info (name & email) and if your partner(s) are members.
Categories: S=Singles, D=Doubles, X=Mixed, W=Women, M=Men, O=Open, 40+, 50+
Levels: A,B,C

For all four tournaments, we will hold as many draws as possible and if we don't have enough in
one category, we will combine categories. If you absolutely do not want to play in another
category, please make that clear when you enter. If we don't get enough entrants in the 50s
category, we'll just incorporate it with the 40+ draw.

Tentative Schedule:

May 20,21

July 15,16

Aug Ladder Tournament

Sept 16,17

Oct 14,15 (David Craig)

4. Total Amount Paid and Included: $______________ Today's Date: ____________

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