2017 Schedule of Events




(All events are subject to change – visit www.greenbelt.com/tennis for updates)


*      April 27, 6:30pm  GTA Planning Meeting - about 6 attended
Held at Generous Joe’s Deli, 107 Centerway, Greenbelt

*      May 20, 9:00am-1:00pm  Membership Social - about 24 attended
Linda Showlund, Stan Zirkin, and Terry Henderson Directing

*      May-Oct  Friday Night Drop-In Tennis – 7-10pm
Sandy Cooke, Joseph Lyu, Jay Maddux, Terry Henderson Directing

*      June 3, 9:00am-12:00noon  Tennis Clinic about 16 attended

Instructor TBD, Sandy Cooke Directing

*      June 24-25 Summer Singles Tournament about 20 played
Terry Henderson Directing

*      July 15-16  Post-Firecracker Doubles Tournament  28 played
Jacquie Rose Directing

*      August 19, 9:00am-12:00noon  Tennis Clinic Instructor Mark Michel,

Jacquie a/o Terry Directing flyer/signup

*      September 2 3, 9:00am-1:00pm  Labor Day Social at Greenbriar
(7600 Hanover Parkway, Greenbelt)
Emmett Jordan, Stan Zirkin, & Jacquie Rose Directing

*      September 30-Oct.1 David Craig Memorial Doubles Tournament 10 played
Terry Directing

*      October 7-8  David Craig Memorial Singles Tournament 8 played
Jacquie Rose Directing

*      Sep-Oct 7-10 pm Friday Night Drop-In Tennis –7-10 pm or  6-9pm?
If interested please send (
email) or 301-595-5744


All events are held at the Braden Field Tennis Courts

except the Planning Meeting and the Labor Day Social