For directions to the Braden Field courts, put your From address: (here)

Braden Field Courts are between the
Greenbelt Library (11 Crescent Rd) and
St. Hugh’s school (135 Crescent Rd) in Greenbelt, MD.

You can park on the (Library) or (St.Hughes) side.

Here are the Library Directions:

BRADEN FIELD - Greenbelt, Md. - Beltway #95 or Balto-West Pkwy to Greenbelt exit.
Enter Greenbelt and continue to shopping center. Fields located at rear
of shopping center, next to swimming pool. OR B&W Parkway to Greenbelt Exit,
bear right off exit onto Greenbelt Rd. (over Parkway) right into entrance to
Greenbelt, Southway Road continue Southway through two(2) stop signs into
Municipal Parking Lot. Field located behind swimming pool and Shopping Center.

The Greenbelt Youth Center (99 Centerway) is also close to the Courts and Library.

How did Google Maps get this (Pic)?