2019 Schedule of Events

(All events are subject to change – visit http://www.greenbelt.com/tennis for updates)


*  GTA on MeetUp.

*  All events are held at the Greenbelt Braden Field Tennis Courts except

     the Labor Day Social which is held at the Greenbriar Condo Courts.


*  Braden Drop-Ins: Tuesday & Friday evenings 7-10pm.

     $5 for non-members. Free for members.

     May 21 – Oct 18. Oct 18 is the last Tue-Fri Drop-In.

     Sign Up with MeetUp .


* Braden Membership Social: May 18. 10am-2pm. Free for everyone. ~55 attended.

*  Membership fee: $20 for everyone. Form: pdf, docx.    PayPal.

*  Braden Summer Social: July 13 9am-1pm. ~25 attended.

*  Labor Day Social: Saturday August 31 9am-2pm ~40 attended

      at the Greenbriar Courts.

*  Braden Courts #5-#8 may be repainted in 2020.

*  No tournaments have been scheduled for this season.