2019 Schedule of Events

(All events are subject to change – visit http://www.greenbelt.com/tennis for updates)


*  GTA MeetUp  will be shut down on Nov 1,2019.

     But will probably be restarted around March, 2020.

     Please go (here) to make sure we have you on our email list.

       Or send us an (email).

*  All events are held at the Greenbelt Braden Field Tennis Courts except

     the Labor Day Social which is held at the Greenbriar Condo Courts.

*  Braden Drop-Ins: Tuesday & Friday evenings 7-10pm.

     $5 for non-members. Free for members. May 21 – Oct 18.

     Oct 18 was the last “official GTA” Tue-Fri Drop-In.

*  Braden Membership Social: May 18. 10am-2pm. Free for everyone. ~55 attended.

*  Membership fee: $20 for everyone. Form: pdf, docx.    PayPal.

*  Braden Summer Social: July 13 9am-1pm. ~25 attended.

*  Labor Day Social: Saturday August 31 9am-2pm ~40 attended

      at the Greenbriar Courts.

*  Braden Courts #5-#8 may be repainted in 2020.

*  No tournaments have been scheduled for this season.