Greenbelt 3.5 WTT team almost wins Regional Division title in PA.


The Greenbelt Slammers won the July -August session of the Outdoor League play that takes place at Braden Field courts and advanced to the regional finals in early October 2009.  


The regional Finals took place in Lancaster, PA on Oct.2-4, 2009. This regional final represents teams in state of Maryland and parts of PA. This regional serves as a qualifier tournament for the nationals.


While in Lancaster, the Greenbelt Slammers won their first match and advanced to the finals where they were narrowly defeated.


Here is a summary recap of their road to the finals in the 3.5 division.


3.5 DIVISION:  It took overtime for Grabediggers of Palmyra, Pa.  to capture the 3.5 Division title with a 30-26 victory over the Greenbelt Slammers of Greenbelt, Md. 


Both teams had to survive Supertiebreaker thrillers in the semifinals to face off for the title.  Grabediggers ousted Big Shots of West Grove, Pa., 30-29, and Greenbelt Slammers edged WTT Fanatics of Schenectady, N.Y., 30-29, both in Supertiebreakers.  This will be the first trip to Nationals for Grabediggers.


Members of Grabediggers are Nadine Kim, Harrisburg, Pa.; Trudy Graby (captain), Palmyra, Pa.; Jeff Graby, Palmyra, Pa.; Kathryn Washington, Harrisburg, Pa.; Sharon Davis, Columbia, Pa.; Dominic Fure, Harrisburg, Pa.; and Doug Miller, Lancaster, Pa.


The Greenbelt Slammers are led by captain Cam MacQueen of Greenbelt, Md.  Other team members are Sandy King, Davidsonville, Md.; Tom King, Davidsonville, Md.; Greg Gerhardt, Spencerville, Md.; Julie Gerhardt, Spencerville, Md.; John Moore, LaPlata, Md.; Amy Huvall, Laurel, Md.; and Danny Weaver, Berwyn Heights, Md.


3.5 DIVISION The road to the Finals!


Round robin:

Greenbelt Slammers (Greenbelt, Md.) def. Bave (Saratoga Springs, N.Y.) 31-18         

Greenbelt Slammers (Greenbelt, Md.) def. 40 Plus Love (Fredericksburg, Va.) 32-24             

Greenbelt Slammers (Greenbelt, Md.) def. Courting Destiny (Berwyn, Pa.) 34-29                  


SEMIFINAL:  Greenbelt Slammers (Greenbelt, Md.) def. WTT Fanatics (Schenectady, N.Y.) 30-29 STB


FINAL:  Grabediggers (Palmyra, Pa.) def. Greenbelt Slammers (Greenbelt, Md.) 30-26 in Overtime!


This league play is organized through the local chapter of World Team Tennis (WTT) in combination of the Greenbelt Tennis Association (GTA) and takes place on the Braden Field courts every Sunday afternoon for three 8 week sessions. The next 8 week session begins Nov 8 and is held indoors at Fairland Tennis bubble. Sign up now by going to