Greenbelt Tennis Association Ladder Rules (GTA web site HOME is here)
The ladder runs from April 1 until September 30. The ladder is Free for everybody. You don't need to be a Greenbelt resident or GTA member to play. But if there is a dispute the match should be played the closest to Greenbelt then the challenged players choice.
Initial position will begin with last year's final standings. New players will be allowed one free challenge to determine their initial position. If they win, they take the person's position and everyone else is moved down one. If they lose, they go to the bottom of the ranked players section of the ladder. A ranked player is a player who has played at least one match on the ladder either this year or last year.

A new player may challenge anyone currently on the ladder as their initial challenge. A ranked member is only obligated to accept one challenge from a non-ranked member. As a new member, you must play your initial challenge within 4 weeks after you join.

A free challenge is defined as a ranked member challenging someone more than 7 steps above them. From April 1 through May 31, any player may challenge any other player regardless of standings. Players may only make ONE free challenge and are obligated to be only one other person's free challenge.

Players can normally challenge "up" 7 steps on the ladder. To initiate a match, look at the most recent ladder ranking list from the GTA newsletter or web site and find someone who is ranked 1-7 positions higher than you. If you've moved up since the last list was published, pencil yourself in where you should be. You are eligible to challenge up 7 from that point. Call the individual you want to challenge and arrange a mutual time & place to play within seven days. If a challenged player receives multiple challenges, he/she is only obligated to keep up to two challenges active at a time. If you already have two matches pending, let the challenger know this. Also let them know when you expect to play your matches (if you know) so that they may challenge again at that time. After each match, the challenger should immediately contact the next person on his/her list to arrange a time to play. The challenge's next available time slots should be offered to the next person on the list. If the challenger can't play for several days, it is O.K. to play another challenge match out of order, provided the first match is not postponed for more than the 7 day limit.

If the challenger wins the match, he/she takes the place of the challenged on the ladder and the challenged and all others move down one position. If the challenged wins, both players retain their positions. Winners must contact the ladder coordinator Rich Majewski (301)595-5744 or with the date of the match, the winner, loser and scores within 48 hours after a match is played, even if no change in position occurs. (The loser might want to call in the match also to keep from dropping for four weeks of inactivity in case the winner forgets.) Matches and the latest standings will be posted on the GTA Web site: and in the GTA newsletter.

A match is defaulted if the challenged cannot play within 7 days of an initial challenge or within 7 days of contacting the next player on his list (exception: if the person challenged is leaving on vacation or will be out of town for business). A default also occurs if either player is more than 15 minutes late. If the challenged defaults, he will move below the challenger on the ladder, thus moving the challenger up one position. If the challenger defaults, he/she will be penalized the number of steps they were challenging up! The challenger should be penalized just like the challenged is!

Matches should be rescheduled as soon as possible within 7 days.

Any player that does not play a match during a particular month (Apr/May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep) will be dropped to the bottom of the ladder. Apr/May count as one month.

1) Once a match has been set, the challenged must play even if he moves up beyond 8 positions of the challenger.
2) If the challenger moves ahead of the challenged, the match will still be played, with the challenger automatically becoming the challenged! (If you really belong ahead of that person, you should win!!)
3) Matches will be the best of three tiebreaker sets (12 point) and will be played by USTA rules.
4) Each player must bring new USTA Approved tennis balls with the winner taking home the un-used can.

There MIGHT be a single elimination playoff tournament at the end of the season tournament to determine the final ranking.